Top 10 Celebrities Who Never Want Kids

Top 10 Celebrities Who Never Want


7. Jay and Mavis Leno.

The former late-night talk host and

his wife of over 30 years have been

honest about not having kids.”I had

made up my mind when I was little

that I would never get married or

have children, so I had no agenda,”

Mavis told the L.A. Times magazine

in 2009 (though she did ease up on

her marriage stance: she and Jay

wed in 1980.)

1. Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey has been vocal about her

decision to not become a mother,

telling Extra: “I never had

children, never even thought I

would have children. Now I have 152

daughters; expecting 75 more next

year. That is some type of

gestation period.” Winfrey was

referring to the Oprah Winfrey

Leadership Academy for Girls in

South Africa, which she founded in


6. Portia de Rossi and Ellen


In 2013, de Rossi told Us Weekly

“There comes some pressure in your

mid-30s, and you think, ‘Am I going

to have kids so I don’t miss out on

something that other people really

seem to love? Or is it that I

really genuinely want to do this

with my whole heart?’ I didn’t feel

that my response was ‘yes’ to the

latter. You have to really want to

have kids, and neither of us did.

So it’s just going to be me and

Ellen and no babies — but we’re the

best of friends and married life is

blissful, it really is. I’ve never

been happier than I am right now.”
Ellen echoed that sentiment,

telling People “We’d probably be

great parents. But it’s a human

being and unless you think you have

excellent skills and have a drive

or yearning in you to do that, the

amount of work that that is and

responsibility—I wouldn’t want to

screw them up!”

5. Rachael Ray.

In 2009, the food mogul and talk

show host talked to ABC’s

“Nightline” about her decision not

ot have kids. “I think that I’m 40

years old, and I have an enormous

amount of hours that have to be

dedicated to work,” she said. “For

me personally, I would need more

time to feel like I’d be a good mom

to my own child.

3. George Clooney.

We’re taking this one with a grain

of salt, because the the world’s

most eligible bachelor said he’d

never get married again, and he’s

now engaged to London-based

attourney Amal Alamuddin. In 2011

however, he told Austrailia’s Daily

Telegraph: “I’ve always known

fatherhood wasn’t for me. Raising

kids is a huge commitment and has

to be your top priority. For me,

that priority is my work. That’s

why I’ll never get married again.”

4. Renee Zellweger.

“Motherhood has never been an

ambition. I don’t think like that,”

the Oscar nominee told David

Letterman in 2011.

8. Eva Mendes.

Mendes revealed her no-kids plan in

response to tabloid rumors that she

was pregnant. “I don’t wanna have

kids,” she’s said. “I love the

little suckers; they’re so cute but

I love sleep so much and I worry

about everything.” As for those

rumors, then? “I’m off season

right now. I’m having the pasta,

I’m having the dessert,” the

actress quipped.

9. Zooey Deschanel.

Despite her childlike demeanor, the

“New Girl” star, 34, isn’t planning

on becoming a mom. “[Having kids

has] never been my focus,” she told

Marie Claire in 2012. “My sister

was always very motherly,

babysitting and stuff.

2. Cameron Diaz.

The 41-year-old has been pretty

vocal about her decision to not

have children, but she went into

detail in a new Esquire magazine

interview. “It’s so much more work

to have children,” the actress

said. “To have lives besides your

own that you are responsible for —

I didn’t take that on.

10. Kim Cattrall.

The “Sex and the City” star has

admitted that—much like her

signature character Samantha Jones

—she’s not suited for motherhood.

“When I answered those questions

regarding having children,

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