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10 Hot Instagram Stars Before Plastic Surgery

Instagram models made famous by their millions of followers!
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Do you ever come across an Instagram feed you can’t help but stalk over and over? You know, the ones with the women that seem to have it all – a gorgeous face, a perfect body, amazing workout selfies, luxurious backdrops from worldwide vacations, and usually some arm candy in the form of a tall, handsome man. These social media babes have Instagram down pat, and have accumulated followers in the hundreds of thousands, and even millions, due to their beautiful photos and jaw-dropping looks. But the truth is, these looks didn’t come naturally. Many of them have had plastic surgery procedures including nose jobs, boob jobs, cheek implants, lip enhancements and more. So, if their feeds ever make you feel jealous, just remember that things aren’t always what they seem.

We’re not promoting plastic surgery by any means. If these women are happy with their transformations, then we’re happy for them. They seem to love how they look and live, and their followers agree. Take Alexandra Markina for example. Her thin figure, perfect face and addicting feed has grown her Instagram following to 1 million, and you would hardly recognize it was the same person from her pre-Insta days. And Katya Jujanew went from party girl to sophisticated with her feed that now boasts 631,000 fans.

Millions of followers can’t be wrong. Today, we look at 10 hot Instagram stars before and after plastic surgery.

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Anna Andres
Nita Kuzmina
Katya Jujanew
Anyuta Rai
Olesya Malinskaya
Dasha Kononovich

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Comments ( 20 )

  • All these people look the same to me.. I can barely tell girls apartthese days bc they all look the same. Big boobs, small noses, massive lips, tiny bodies, big butts.

  • Most of these women are already pretty before they had plastic surgery. One or two even prettier before they had plastic surgery. I guess chasing perfect face and body will never be enough. Hope they don't over doing it.

  • Fake will always stay fake , why would they even call it beauty if they knw that its fake! Thank god am too confident and happy with my face and body that i would never put myself through this shit, i think a little workout and makeup would be enough for every girl out there

  • Most of them were way more beautiful before the surgery just sayin…. they looks like dolls now….. its kinda creppy

  • I love how glamorous they look! I hope that for some of them, with the change of a face they gained more self confidence. However, seeing them wearing fur…I am wishing those girls to become as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

  • Why are most of these girl Russian… or from around that area? Is plastic surgery cheaper over there?

  • If being an instagram star means you have to have plastic surgery i'll pass. I am fine with the way I look.

  • They've all modified themselves to look the same and it's over the top, hideous, and quite scary to view. Holy shit…I can't possibly be the only one who thinks they look ridiculous instead of gorgeous??!

  • Everytime she says feed i hear feet hhahahaha am i a weirdo or someone else is also hearing that

  • Why does one feel the need to call these people plastics or objects or even fake they are people and they have goals and feelings just like you, yes they have gotten plastic surgery (and I agree the money could of gone to a better place) but they did something to make them happy just like when you go on vacation, buy a new car, etc. A person is a human being regarded as an individual and fake is a thing that is not genuine and a non-genuine person is a robot, inanimate object, or an animal. Overall life you should not be wasting precious moments hating and putting shame towards others. Spend your time enjoying yourself and those you love and don’t fixate on others or what they do. You have the right, if you please, to determine your own definition of happiness (and beauty) so do not judge another for having their own conception of it.

  • We love these PRODUCTS of a normalization of human sexuality as basically anyone can reach it! It is not about beauty anymore, it's all about being fake, about lips and cheeks fillers, breast implants, it's all about lovely fake bodies. Poor people who believe this is achieved naturally, this beauty is just a product of the culture and that's why it's so sexy!

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